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Natural Remedies For Dry Skin

We all aspire to have a perfect, healthy and hydrated skin but the reality of the matter comes to the fact that the skin ends up getting dry, flaky and rough. The reason for this is because the outer layer of the skin is put together in a brick and mortar system. The healthy skin cells are made to stack up with oils and various other substances that are responsible to keep the skin moist. When the cells lose out on these vital nutrients, the skin cells crumble away which leads to causing skin dryness.

The most common symptom of a dry skin is Itching. Dry skin makes the skin flaky, red and irritated. Your skin looks dull or ashy (in case you have dark skin) which if ignored further gets the skin scaly or cracked. The worst problem arises when the skin gets thick and leathery.

dry skin

What Is The Main Cause Of Dry Skin?

Dry skin problem arises because the skin faces a dip in its water and oil levels and especially in climates where the humidity is low. Even during winter months, the humidity is low and the indoor heat affects the natural moisture balance of the healthy skin. As per dermatologists, the skin is the first barrier that combats environmental factors and prevents the moisture from being evaporated from the skin surface. When the temperature faces a drop in the humidity the skin loses more moisture, and hence it dries out. Apart from this, there are various medical conditions that lead to causing skin dryness such as:

  • Keratosis Pilaris
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Diabetes or Kidney disease

How To Get Restore Back A Healthy Skin?

The vital step to healing a dry skin is to hydrate it well by moisturizing the same. Do the application of a body moisturizer and a face moisturizer at least once a day. When your skin is damp from the shower ensure to moisturize it again. The effects are better. During the summer time you may make use of a thin lotion but during the winters your skin requires a thick cream or ointment.

Always learn the ingredients used prior to any product application made on the skin. Any moisturizer that contains lactic acid, glycerin, petrolatum and hyaluronic acid proves to be a good moisturizer as these ingredients promote the moisture levels of the skin. In case your skin is not getting the benefit of using just a moisturizer, you need to visit your dermatologist and get yourself a prescription for an ointment that makes use of ceramides or proteins. These help to rebuild your skin barrier. These products/ointments also prove to help in cases of eczema and various other severe skin conditions. People who suffer from eczema also gain relief from apply cold compresses on an itchy skin.

Today’s market shelves also contain an option of barrier cream. Barrier creams support the skin as they have the ability to penetrate deeper than a regular moisturizer. If your skin is prone to dryness due to the exposures caused by detergents, soap, and water, barrier creams prove to be helpful. People who have the medical condition of keratosis pilaris, moisturizers that have lactic acid helps the itchiness but it does not help to smooth the skin. But by making use of mild chemical peels or topical retinoid may help you to soften the skin.

There are various other quick home remedies to help you get a healthier skin:

  • Taking a short and luke warm shower instead of hot showers
  • Make use of moisturizing soaps
  • Place a humidifier in your house to add moisture to the air at home.

By adhering to the above points you can get your dry skin to healthy skin again. Give your skin the perfect care and attention it requires. It is the largest organ of your body and does not ignore it. The more it feels pampered by you, the healthier it will appear and glow.

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